Why Hedgehogs Make Bad Pets

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Why Hedgehogs Make Bad Pets

Hedgehogs are cute, there’s no denying that. With their little faces and quills, they look like something out of a children’s book. But looks can be deceiving, and hedgehogs make terrible pets.

Here’s why you should think twice before getting one.

There are a few reasons why hedgehogs make bad pets. First, they can be quite difficult to care for. They require a specific diet and need to be handled carefully to avoid being injured. Second, they can be quite expensive to keep.

Hedgehogs need their own habitat, which can cost hundreds of dollars, and they also require regular vet checkups.

Finally, they can be quite temperamental and may bite or scratch their owners if not handled properly. All in all, hedgehogs make better exotic animals than pets.

They’re Nocturnal

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day and are awake at night. This can be disruptive to your sleep schedule, as their movement and noise will keep you up when you’re trying to sleep.

In addition, their nocturnal habits mean they require a special diet that you may not be able to provide.

They’re Prickly

Their quills may look soft, but they’re actually quite sharp. And if a hedgehog feels threatened, it will use its quills as a defense mechanism. This can result in scratches and puncture wounds that are both painful and dangerous. In addition, their quills can fall out easily, which means you’ll have to deal with prickly quills all over your house.

They Require Special Care

Hedgehogs require a specific diet and environment in order to stay healthy. Their diet consists mostly of insects, so you’ll need to be comfortable with keeping live insects in your home.

In addition, they need a warm environment since they’re native to Africa. This means you’ll need to provide them with a heat lamp and special bedding.

If you can’t provide them with the care they need, they will become sick and could even die.


Hedgehogs may be cute, but they make terrible pets. They’re nocturnal, prickly, and require special care that most people are unable to provide.

If you’re looking for a pet, hedgehogs are not the way to go. There are plenty of other options out there that will better suit your needs.

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