Why Do Hedgehogs Stop Visiting?

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If you’ve ever had a pet hedgehog, chances are you were excited to see it every day. They’re so cute and fun to play with! But sometimes, they just disappear and stop visiting altogether. Why does this happen?

Let’s take a look at some possible reasons Why Do Hedgehogs Stop Visiting?

Why Do Hedgehogs Stop Visiting

Hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature, so they may not feel the need to visit as often if they’re getting all the attention they need from you. If you’ve been busy or neglectful, they may have decided that your home isn’t the best place for them anymore.

Hedgehogs are also nocturnal, so if you’re making too much noise during the day or keeping them awake at night, that could be another reason why they’ve stopped visiting. Lastly, if you have other pets in the house, the hedgehog may feel intimidated or threatened by them.


If your pet hedgehog has stopped visiting, there could be any number of reasons why.

They may not need to visit as often if you’re giving them enough attention, or they may prefer to be active at night instead of during the day.

Hedgehogs are also solitary animals, so if you have other pets in the house, that could be intimidating for them. Whatever the reason may be, try to adjust your behavior accordingly and see if that encourages them to come back!

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