Why Do Hedgehogs Huff?

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If you’ve ever seen a hedgehog in the wild, you may have noticed that they make a strange huffing noise. This noise is called “self-annointment,” and it’s used by hedgehogs to mark their territory. When a hedgehog huffs, it’s releasing a small amount of scent from its quills, which serves as a warning to other hedgehogs that this area is taken.

Why Do Hedgehogs Huff

Hedgehogs are not the only animals that use scent to mark their territory. In fact, most animals use some form of scent marking. For example, dogs urine mark to show other dogs that they have been in an area. This is why you often see dogs sniffing around before they relieve themselves; they’re checking to see if another dog has already claimed the area.

Scent marking is also common among primates. Chimpanzees will rub their bodies with plants and leaves that contain strong smells, such as garlic or ginger. These smells help mask their own natural scent, which can be useful when trying to avoid predators or competitors. Humans also use scent marking, although we typically do it with perfumes or colognes instead of plants and leaves!


So, the next time you see a hedgehog huffing away, you’ll know that it’s just trying to mark its territory. Scent marking is a common behavior among animals, and it serves an important purpose in the animal kingdom. Who knows, maybe humans will start using hedgehog quills as perfume someday!

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