Homemade Dog Toys: A Beginner’s Guide

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As a dog owner, one of the best ways to show love and affection to your furry friend is by providing them with toys to play with. Not only do dog toys keep them entertained, but they also help with their physical and mental stimulation.

However, store-bought dog toys can be expensive and may not always meet the needs of your dog. The good news is that making your own dog toys is a fun and affordable alternative. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making homemade dog toys that your pooch will love.

Making your own dog toys is a great way to bond with your pet while also saving money. Homemade toys can be customized to your dog’s size, age, and preferences. Additionally, creating your own toys allows you to control the materials used, ensuring that they are safe and non-toxic for your pet.

Choosing the Right Materials

When making homemade dog toys, it is important to choose the right materials. Look for materials that are safe for dogs to play with and non-toxic if accidentally ingested. Avoid using materials that could pose a choking hazard or easily break apart. Some safe materials for dog toys include:

  • Cotton rope
  • Fleece fabric
  • Tennis balls
  • Water bottles
  • Socks
  • Old t-shirts
  • PVC pipe

Toy-Making Techniques

There are several techniques you can use when making homemade dog toys. These include:

  • Braiding: Braiding fabric or rope is a simple way to create a tug toy that your dog will love.
  • Knotting: Knotting a rope or fabric creates a textured surface that is great for chewing.
  • Sewing: Sewing fabrics together can create a durable and long-lasting toy.
  • Stuffing: Stuffing fabric or a sock with treats can create a fun and interactive toy that rewards your dog for playing.

DIY Dog Toy Ideas

Here are seven DIY dog toy ideas that you can make at home:

Braided Tug Toy


  • 3 pieces of cotton rope, each 3 feet long


  1. Tie the three ropes together at one end.
  2. Braid the ropes together, making sure to keep the tension even.
  3. Tie the end of the braid into a knot and trim any excess rope.

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser


  • 1 tennis ball
  • Box cutter or knife
  • Dog treats


  1. Cut a small hole in the tennis ball using a box cutter or knife.
  2. Fill the ball with dog treats.
  3. Give the ball to your dog and watch them work to get the treats out.

Sock Ball Toy


  • 1 sock
  • Tennis ball
  • Scissors


  1. Place the tennis ball inside the sock.
  2. Tie a knot at
  3. the end of the sock, securing the ball inside.
  4. Trim any excess sock fabric.

Rope Toy


  • 1 long piece of cotton rope


  1. Tie a knot in the middle of the rope.
  2. Divide the rope into three sections and braid each section.
  3. Tie knots at each end of the braid to secure.

Water Bottle Cruncher


  • 1 empty plastic water bottle
  • Fabric scraps
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut fabric scraps into strips.
  2. Wrap the fabric strips around the water bottle, securing with hot glue.
  3. Give the toy to your dog to crunch and play with.

T-Shirt Rope Toy


  • 1 old t-shirt
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the t-shirt into strips.
  2. Tie the strips together at one end.
  3. Braid the strips together, tying a knot at the end to secure.

Scented Chew Toy


  • 1 clean, dry sock
  • Dried lavender or chamomile
  • Rubber band or string


  1. Place dried lavender or chamomile inside the sock.
  2. Tie a rubber band or string around the end of the sock to secure.
  3. Give the toy to your dog to chew and enjoy the scent.

Safety Tips

When making homemade dog toys, it is important to keep safety in mind. Here are some tips to help keep your dog safe while playing:

  • Supervise your dog while they are playing with homemade toys.
  • Make sure the materials used are safe and non-toxic for your dog.
  • Avoid using small parts that could be choking hazards.
  • Check toys regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace as needed.


Making homemade dog toys is a fun and affordable way to provide your furry friend with entertainment and stimulation. By choosing safe materials and using the right techniques, you can create toys that are customized to your dog’s needs and preferences. With these DIY toy ideas, you can create a variety of toys that will keep your dog entertained for hours.


Can I make dog toys from recycled materials?

Yes, many homemade dog toys can be made from recycled materials found around the house.

Are homemade dog toys safe for all dogs?

Homemade dog toys can be safe for all dogs, as long as you choose safe materials and supervise your dog while they play.

How often should I replace homemade dog toys?

Check homemade dog toys regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace them as needed to ensure your dog’s safety.

Can I make homemade toys for puppies?

Yes, homemade toys can be made for puppies, but make sure to choose materials that are appropriate for their size and age.

What are the benefits of homemade dog toys?

Homemade dog toys are often more affordable, customizable, and durable than store-bought options, making them a great choice for dog owners on a budget.

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