Fun Games and Activities to Play with Your Poodle

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Poodles are an intelligent and playful breed, and as a dog owner, it’s important to engage them in games and activities to stimulate their mind and keep them physically active. Not only does playing games and indulging in fun activities help maintain your poodle’s overall health, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. Whether you prefer indoor games or outdoor activities, there’s a wide range of games and activities to choose from that both you and your poodle will love.

Why Playing Games with Your Poodle is Important?

Poodles Love to Play

As a breed, poodles love engaging in physical activities with their owners. Engaging your poodle in games and fun activities, allows them to use their natural energy and helps them avoid destructive behavior caused by boredom.

Playing Games with Your Poodle Helps Develop Bonding

Playing games with your poodle allows you to spend quality time with your furry friend, providing opportunities to bond and strengthen your relationship. Activities like playing games, taking walks, and snuggling up together offer both you and your poodle a sense of connection.

Playing Games Helps Stimulate Your Poodle’s Mind and Body

Poodles are intelligent dogs and require mental stimulation to keep them engaged and prevent them from becoming bored. Playing games with your poodle, not only provide your pet with physical activity but also stimulates their mind, making them more alert and responsive.

Top Games to Play with Your Poodle


Playing fetch is an all-time favorite game for dogs, and it’s no different for poodles. Here’s why you should consider playing fetch with your poodle.

Why It’s a Great Game to Play with Your Poodle?

Playing fetch allows for your poodle to get plenty of physical activity, providing a good workout for their muscles, and also helps improve their stamina.

How to Teach Your Poodle to Play Fetch?

To teach your poodle how to play fetch, you first want to find a toy that they like. Once you have a toy that captures their attention and enthusiasm, sit with them and toss the toy a short distance away. Encourage them to retrieve the toy and return it to you, rewarding them with praise and a treat.

What Type of Toys Work Best for Fetch?

Choose a toy that’s lightweight, easy to carry, and durable enough to withstand being chewed on by your poodle. Tennis balls, frisbees, and lightweight rubber balls work well for this game.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a great game to play with your poodle as it provides both physical and mental stimulation while catering to their sense of smell.

Why It’s a Great Game to Play with Your Poodle?

Playing hide and seek stimulates your poodle’s mind by allowing them to use their sense of smell to locate you. Additionally, it encourages your poodle to move around and offers a fun way for them to get some physical activity.

How to Teach Your Poodle to Play Hide and Seek?

To teach your poodle how to play hide and seek, start by getting their attention and then finding a hiding spot within your home. Encourage your poodle to find you by calling out to them and praising them when they do find you.

What Makes Hide and Seek Fun for Your Poodle?

Hide and seek taps into your poodle’s natural instincts, providing them with a sense of adventure and excitement.

Follow the Leader

Playing follow the leader presents a fun and exciting opportunity to bond with your poodle while providing a great workout for their muscles.

Why It’s a Great Game to Play with Your Poodle?

Playing follow the leader with your poodle encourages them to be active and move their body while also offering some mental stimulation.

How to Teach Your Poodle to Play Follow the Leader?

To start playing follow the leader, move around your home or yard and encourage your poodle to follow you. You can switch up the obstacle course, incorporating toys or other objects to jump over, providing an additional level of fun stimulation.

What are the Benefits of Playing Follow the Leader?

Playing follow the leader is an excellent way to develop a strong bond between you and your poodle, while also providing them with the necessary physical activity that helps maintain their overall health.


Doodle is a fun game that can be easily played indoors or outdoors without the need for any equipment.

What is Doodle?

Doodle is a game that involves getting down on the floor and rolling around with your poodle. This game is especially popular with toy poodles.

How to Play Doodle with Your Poodle?

To play doodle with your poodle, get down on the floor, preferably on a towel or mat, and hold your poodle close to you. Gently roll them over and twist them around, providing a fun and stimulating physical activity.

Benefits of Playing Doodle with Your Poodle?

Playing doodle with your poodle not only encourages physical activity but also helps strengthen your bond with your furry friend, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Chew Toy Activities

Chew toys are an essential part of any poodle’s life and playing with them offers benefits beyond just staving away boredom.

Why Chew Toys are Important?

Chew toys can help satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew, providing important dental benefits while also reducing the likelihood of destructive chewing.

What Types of Chew Toys are Good for Your Poodle?

There are various types of chew toys available for your poodle, including rawhide chews, dental chews, and rubber toys. While selecting a chew toy, keep in mind your dog’s size and chewing habits to ensure their safety.

How Chew Toy Activities Help Stimulate Your Poodle’s Mental and Dental Health?

Playing with chew toys offers a great way for your poodle to stay engaged, providing mental stimulation while also promoting healthy dental habits by helping to scrape away buildup on their teeth.

Indoor Games for Your Poodle

Scent Games

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and scent games offer an excellent way to tap into this natural ability, providing a fun way to engage your furry friend.

How to Play Scent Games with Your Poodle?

To play scent games with your poodle, place a few treats in a closed container with holes for the scent to escape. Hide the container and encourage your poodle to find it using their sense of smell.

What are the Benefits of Playing Scent Games with Your Poodle?

Playing scent games offers your poodle a fun and engaging way to use their natural sense of smell while also providing a mental challenge that helps them become more alert and responsive.

What are the Different Types of Scent Games?

There are several types of scent games you can play with your poodle, includings the scent of a specific toy or item, the scent of a specific food, and the scent of a specific person.

Puppy Games

Playing games with your puppy poodle is an essential part of their socialization process, helping them develop important social skills while also providing them with crucial exercise.

What are the Best Types of Puppy Games for Your Poodle?

Some of the best types of puppy games for your poodle include tug-of-war, chase, and obstacle courses.

What Can You Teach Your Poodle Through Puppy Games?

Playing puppy games offers an excellent way for your poodle to develop their physical abilities while also providing them with an opportunity to learn important social skills like listening, following directions, and obeying basic commands.

How to Play Puppy Games with Your Poodle?

Playing puppy games with your poodle is simple. Start with simple games, like tug-of-war, to build your puppy’s confidence and then move on to other games that offer more physical activity.

Teaching New Tricks

Teaching your poodle new tricks presents an excellent opportunity to bond with your furry friend while also providing them with the mental stimulation they need to stay responsive and alert.

What Tricks Can You Teach Your Poodle?

There are many tricks you can teach your poodle, including roll over, shake hands, high five, and dance.

How to Teach New Tricks to Your Poodle?

To teach your poodle new tricks, start with basic obedience training, which helps establish the fundamentals of learning. Then, move on to specific tricks like high five or shake hands.

What are the Benefits of Teaching New Tricks to Your Poodle?

Teaching your poodle new tricks helps establish your bond while providing them with the mental and physical stimulation they crave. In conclusion, games and fun activities are a crucial part of your poodle’s development. These games not only provide fun and relaxation for your furry friend but also strengthen the bond between you two.

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