Are Golden Retrievers Good with Cats?

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If you’re a cat lover and considering getting a Golden Retriever, you might be wondering if they get along with felines. Golden Retrievers are a friendly and sociable breed, but are they good with cats?

In this article, we will discuss the temperament and behavior of Golden Retrievers towards cats, how to introduce them, and tips to help them coexist peacefully.

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed known for their friendly and loving nature. They are intelligent, loyal, and enjoy spending time with their owners. They were originally bred for hunting and retrieving game, but now they are commonly kept as pets due to their kind and gentle personality.

Golden Retrievers are also known for their patience, which makes them a great choice for families with children.

Temperament of Golden Retrievers Towards Cats

Golden Retrievers are generally good-natured dogs and can get along well with cats. However, every dog has its unique personality, and some may have a higher prey drive than others. It’s important to introduce your Golden Retriever to your cat properly and monitor their behavior to ensure a peaceful coexistence.

Introducing Your Golden Retriever to Your Cat

When introducing your Golden Retriever to your cat, it’s important to take it slow and be patient. Here are some tips to help the introduction process:

Keep Them Separated Initially

Start by keeping your Golden Retriever and cat in separate rooms for a few days. This will allow them to get used to each other’s scent without any physical contact.

Use a Baby Gate

When you’re ready to introduce them, use a baby gate to separate them physically while allowing them to see each other. This way, they can get used to each other’s presence without any danger of harm.

Supervise the Interaction

When you’re comfortable that they’re used to each other’s presence, you can supervise their interactions closely. Make sure that both pets are calm and relaxed before allowing them to interact. It’s best to keep your Golden Retriever on a leash during the first few interactions to ensure that they don’t chase or harm your cat.

Reward Good Behavior

Reward your pets for good behavior during their interactions. For example, if your Golden Retriever stays calm around your cat, give them treats or praise them. This will encourage positive behavior and help them associate each other with good things.

Tips to Help Your Golden Retriever and Cat Coexist Peacefully

Here are some additional tips to help your Golden Retriever and cat coexist peacefully:

Give Your Cat a Safe Space

Make sure that your cat has a safe space where they can retreat to if they feel threatened or scared. This could be a high shelf, a cat tree, or a separate room.

Don’t Leave Them Alone Together

Never leave your Golden Retriever and cat alone together unsupervised. Even if they seem to get along well, accidents can happen, and it’s always best to be cautious.

Give Them Both Attention

Make sure that you give both your Golden Retriever and cat attention and affection. This will help prevent jealousy and ensure that they feel loved and valued.

Train Your Golden Retriever

Train your Golden Retriever to respond to commands such as “leave it” or “stay.” This can help prevent them from chasing or harassing your cat.


Golden Retrievers can get along well with cats, but it’s important to introduce them properly and monitor their behavior. Every pet is unique, and their behavior towards cats may vary. It’s important to be patient and take things slowly when introducing your pets to each other. With proper training and supervision, Golden Retrievers and cats can coexist peacefully and even become friends.


Can Golden Retrievers and cats live together?

Yes, Golden Retrievers and cats can live together if they are introduced properly and supervised.

Are Golden Retrievers good with small animals?

Golden Retrievers have a high prey drive and may see small animals such as rabbits or hamsters as prey. It’s important to train and supervise them around small animals.

Can Golden Retrievers be trained to leave cats alone?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can be trained to leave cats alone using positive reinforcement training methods.

How long does it take for Golden Retrievers and cats to get used to each other?

It can take a few weeks or even months for Golden Retrievers and cats to get used to each other. It’s important to be patient and take things slowly.

Should I get a Golden Retriever if I have a cat?

If you’re considering getting a Golden Retriever and have a cat, it’s important to consider the temperament of both pets and whether they will be able to coexist peacefully. Proper introduction and training can help ensure a peaceful coexistence.

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